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Why Renovate & Repair?

Fully functioning original sash windows are well designed and undoubtedly add value to your home. In a recent survey conducted by English Heritage 82% of estate agents surveyed said that having original sash windows added value to your property and 78% surveyed said having working sash windows made your property more saleable.

A full draught proofing service is extremely cost efficient when compared to the cost of replacement.


Why Draught Proof?

Traditional sash windows can be draughty because of the spaces left for the wood to expand and contract. Draughts find their way in via these spaces and warm air can be lost (as well as the noisy rattles that can be heard on a windy day) – this obviously contributes to higher household heating consumption. Having your windows draught proofed will:

  • Help eliminate draughts & therefore lower heating consumption
  • Help prevent dust particles enter your home
  • Help eliminate noise pollution
  • Assist in the windows operation
  • Increase usability and thereby promote good ventilation

Download the full English Heritage sash window research report here.


Experiments conducted by the University of Caledonia show that by repairing your sash windows you can reduce draughts by 30% and by draught proofing up to 90%. Additional results show that the use of heavy curtains, shutters and secondary glazing can further assist in eliminating draughts and increase energy efficiency. Adding shutters and / or secondary glazing in conjunction with draught proofing can offer the same U values.

Having been seasoned slowly from mature tree's the timber used to make original sash windows in period properties was of a much higher quality than that used today. Providing the timber is looked after with suitable paint and weatherproofing there is no reason why the window will not last for another generation. UPVC replacement windows have a high manufacturing footprint, double glazed units can mist and the frames can discolour within a decade. Typically most UPVC windows have a lifespan of 20 years before ending up in landfill.

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