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On receipt of an enquiry we will arrange a free survey at a time convenient to you. Once a visit has taken place the survey will be e-mailed (or mailed if preferred) promptly – you will not need to chase us up!

The survey will detail the windows reviewed, faults found and any points raised by you. There will then be a section highlighting recommendations, pricing and a price illustration.

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Experience has shown that simply replacing a broken cord is not really the answer to good working windows. Often a pulley needs servicing, paint scrapping off of the stiles, weights are incorrect and typically the top sash has been painted closed and there is a crack in the corner of the glass where the window has slammed down. The putty can be loose, windows don't meet properly some of the joinery is starting to need attention, etc…sound familiar?
This is why Green Dan Sash Renovations has developed a Draught Proofing Service that covers most problems and return your window (top and bottom sash) to full working condition.

As well as full working windows we will fit new quality locks, lifts and handles (if required) in a choice of finishes as part of the service for no additional fee.


Due to demand we now offer a door draught proofing service! This service usually involves removing the door from it hinges and machining in weather pile around the perimeter. Sometimes the best results are achieved by machining into the frame / jamb.

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